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New Direction with my blog

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I have changed my direction with my blogging. I still think that social media is important and will post some blogs on that but I have decided to focus in on a new niche.
Home decor is a passion of mine and I want to start sharing that passion with you. The reason it is my passion is because you can do so much with it. Each room can have it own special feeling. Many people feel that you have to break the bank to be able to decorate your home. They are mistaken. I will share fun and inexpensive ways to decorate your home. Each room to be exact. I will also have some patterns of DIY ideas as well. I love to crochet and I do different items for each season and I will share those with you. If you find yourself not the creative type, I will have the seasonal things that I make available for you to purchase as well.

I live in San Diego which is in beautiful Southern California. I do love the weather here. I did a stint in Florida which is quite the contrast in weather. I did enjoy the summer thunderstorms but the humidity not so much. One thing I wish San Diego had a bit more of was the seasonal changes. It does have some but not like in other states. I have decided that even if the weather outside does not correspond to the season it should be, I will decorate my house accordingly.

With this all said please check back and see what ideas I have for the first season that is coming up…Fall. I know that this is many people’s favorite season of all so I will have lots of ideas.

Happy decorating.