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Child eyes

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The most memorable thing that happen this past year is that my 9th grandbaby was born. Yes I am “Grammy” to nine beautiful little ones. Having them around helps me remember to see the world through a child’s eyes. Everything is so new and exciting to them. It is easy as adults to get bogged down with all the bad things going on. We can soon get such a dark cloud of feelings surrounding us that nothing makes us happy. There is beauty in the world. We just have to see things through child eyes. See how colorful a butterfly is or what a beautiful song a bird can sing. You will notice that if you start trying to find beauty it will become easier and easier to find. Soon that dark cloud is gone and we can smile again. Let’s all start having child eyes.

Fall is upon us

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Fall is upon us. We break out the soft cuddly blankets and sweaters. We buy anything that has the word “pumpkin spice” in it. We don’t know why but we have the desire to stay at home a little more. Fall is a family time. It is a time to reflect on where we came from. Remember the path that lead you here, to this time in your life right now. Go back down that path and think of those who have truly inspired you to become who you are. Contact them and tell them that you are thankful that they were there when you were going down life’s road.

Peace, Joy, Gratefulness

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There are three things we need to live fully…peace, joy and gratefulness. When you have peace this brings joy to your life. When you experience joy you will in turn be grateful for all you have. Find any way that you can to achieve peace. It may be going for a walk, doing meditation or even just taking a minute to take a deep breathe. We need to take the time to find our peace so we can find joy and then be grateful.  That is your challenge for today.

2 outcomes: succeed or learn

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There are 2 outcomes when you do something, you either succeed or you learn. It is so easy to say “you win your lose”, “you succeed or you fail”. There is better to say this you either “reach your goal” or “you learned”. Failure is such a diminishing word. I have learned that when I have failed something, I learned from it. This concept helped me to continue forward to the goal I am striving for. The next time you come up short on a project or goal don’t say you “failed”, say “you learned.”

The low wave

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The low wave. If you are a motorcycle rider, you know what that is. If not let me explain. There seems to be an unwritten rule that if you ride a motorcycle you are to do the low wave to any other rider you pass. My dad did this. I would be riding behind him and when we would pass another rider, my dad would put his hand down and wave. It was always given back. It seems to bring all these riders together. They are all on the same page just for that moment.

We all need the low wave in our life. We are all on this world just trying to do the best for our family and ourselves. We are all on the same page. Let’s help each other through this journey we call life and give out many “low waves”.

Not a dream, a plan

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Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan. When you set your goals in life, we have a tendency to call them dreams. “My dream home”, “My dream job”, “My dream car”. We can “dream” all we want but if we don’t work towards those “dreams” we will never reach them. Plan to get that home, job or car. You can do it. It may not be right away but if you set a plan in motion, do the work that you need to do to achieve them, you will. Next time call it “The home I plan to buy”, “The job I plan to get”, “The car I plan to buy”. Not a dream, a Plan!!!!

Where God guides, God provides

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Where God guides, God provides. Watch a bird today. It doesn’t hesitate when it takes off to fly. It just spreads it’s wings and takes the leap.  We should follow the example of the bird. Seek God’s will for your life. Don’t hesitate or be afraid. Take the leap, because when God guides you to go somewhere or do something, He will provide what you need for the journey or situation.  Be the bird, spread your wings and fly.


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Kindness can spread quickly. When one act of kindness is done, it has the tendency to create another. Kindness doesn’t have to be a big gesture. It can be as simple as holding the door for someone. Let’s spread kindness through our family, work and community and watch it grow.

Every Flower Makes the Bouquet

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Every flower makes the bouquet. Can you imagine this bouquet without the tiny little white flowers? There would be empty spaces that would take away from the beauty of it. Life is like that. We may not be the main “flower” but we are important in this world. Sometimes it is easy to feel defeated when you look around and see all the “important” people. They can make us feel small and not important. Stop and imagine the situation you are in and what it would be like without you. It would have empty spaces and it would not be as beautiful or important as it is right now. This “bouquet” we call life needs you in it!!!!

Feel God

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Where you feel God is your church. You don’t have to go into a building on a Sunday to feel God. My mom would tell me that her best moments with God were when she would sit on a mountain and pray. God made nature for us to use to glorify Him. What a better way then to have “church” amidst that nature!!!