One drop

One drop is all it takes to start a ripple. If you watch that one drop, the ripple goes way beyond the one point where the drop was. We can be that drop. Just one kind word to someone can be a drop that sends a ripple throughout them that can change his or her life. You can be a positive drop or a negative drop. That is why it is so important to say positive things to people. I am sure you have heard “if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”. This is so true. Even a smile to a stranger can be that one drop of happiness that they need to get through the day or whatever they are going through. Start a positive ripple today in someone’s life.

Soul on fire

What sets your soul on fire? I have seen so many people become so complacent about life. They are just going through the motions with their work, marriage, family, and beliefs. We need to find our passion. What do you like to do? What gets you fired up? Wake up thinking about those things and get moving. If you don’t like your job, work towards getting one you are passionate about. Put a spark back in your marriage. Go on a date, a real date, where you dress up and go somewhere nice. Run and play with your kids, don’t worry about who is watching you or what the neighbors will say. Go outside and worship in all that beauty God has given us. Get that fire back in your soul and live life the with passion it deserves!!!

Stop, ask, listen

Today’s world can be so noisey!! We are all so busy. We see others and do the courtesy “hello, how are you?” But we don’t really listen to what they say. We don’t know the quiet inner struggles that others are going through that they just need to share. Today’s challenge is to contact someone, ask how they are doing and really listen to them. It won’t just help them it will help you too!!!