Places to Find Home Decor

Home décor does not have to cost a lot of money. There are so many places to find vintage and unique items that fit perfectly in how you want to decorate your house, each room for that matter. Yes, there are the big box stores that charge you an arm and a leg for a small item. Here are a few places you can go to find that perfect item you are looking for.
The first place is a garage sale. Many people have these and want to just clear out their garage so they price items to get rid of them. You can find pretty much everything at a garage sale. Now you want to make sure you can test an item especially if you are buying it for a décor item. Most people who are having a garage sale should not mind if you test it. Beware if they don’t. You don’t have to buy it because they say it works. You can just walk away. Don’t worry you will find another piece. For items such a chairs, take off the cushions to make sure that underneath there isn’t any damage or yes, even mold.
Garage sales seem to be seasonal. It really depends on where you live if they have them year around. If you live in an area that it snows during the winter well your best bet is to hit them when the weather warms up. There is another alternative, however, and that is an Estate sale. This is where someone puts the entire contents of a house on sale. You walk in and browse like you would a store. The same rules apply though, make sure you test electrical items and check furniture. A company, that the family has hired usually runs estate sales, I have found that most Estate sales run 3 days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They first day it is usually crazy busy so if you can wait go the second day. Another thing that is common with Estate sales is that they usually start marking items down the second day and then even more on the last day.
Estate sales are my favorite place to go to find décor items. You can go to the site
You type in your zip code and it should bring up some sales around you. Some of the sales will post pictures of what they have to sell. You can go through and see what style of pieces the house has. If you find there is something that you just have to have you can go the first day. Go early and be prepared to but your name on a sign up sheet. Yes they do get that busy on the first day.
Try one of these this weekend. If anything they are fun to go to. You get out of the house and you see some very unique items. Who knows maybe you will find that one of a kind piece that you have been looking for. Let me know what you find!!!

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