How I named my business

Here is the story behind my company name “My Friend Caroline”. I started the company a few years ago. It had been a dream of mine to own an online company, do a blog and sell products on a website. The first step was that I needed a name. I tried some cute and fun ideas with my last name. None worked.

My husband and I were sitting together one day and he said how about “My Friend Caroline”. His explanation was that I am a friendly person and work with customers well. Wouldn’t it be fun if someone bought one of your products they said that they got it from a friend…My friend Caroline. And so it came to be.

If you are just starting out with any type of a business the first and probably one of the most important steps is to think of a name for it. Make sure you take time and don’t rush into just any name. Ask friends and family for ideas. You will find that perfect name.

I hope you enjoy my website and while looking at my postings, blog and my store you think that maybe you have found a new friend!!!!

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