Fall is upon us

Fall is upon us. We break out the soft cuddly blankets and sweaters. We buy anything that has the word “pumpkin spice” in it. We don’t know why but we have the desire to stay at home a little more. Fall is a family time. It is a time to reflect on where we came from. Remember the path that lead you here, to this time in your life right now. Go back down that path and think of those who have truly inspired you to become who you are. Contact them and tell them that you are thankful that they were there when you were going down life’s road.

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One thought on “Fall is upon us

  1. Kristi McAllister

    I absolutely love Fall! I moved to the beach last December so we don’t really get to experience the colors of the leaves changing here like I did on the TN/VA state line, but I do love everything about that season. Pumpkin spice isn’t my favorite, believe it or not lol! People love it though. And as fr staying home more? I’m already nesting and it’s 92 degrees outside today! Thanks for sharing!


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