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These blogs are just ones of ideas that came to mind and I wanted to write about them

Christmas Lights Magic

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One of my favorite things to do during the Christmas season is to go look at all the lights. To see how each family sets theirs up in their own special way. They all seem so magical. When my kid were little we would drive around and look at lights. There was one neighborhood that encouraged people to get out and walk the block. It was always chilly out so we would all bundle up. I can still hear the laughter from all the kids.
I now do this with my grandkids and still cherish hearing the laughter and seeing the amazement in their eyes as they look at each house. They can see magic in them too. When we do walk the neighborhood everyone is so happy. There are many saying “Hello” and “Merry Christmas”. It doesn’t matter what race you are, or where you came from to see these lights. We are all there for one purpose and that is to see the magic these lights bring.
I do wish that we could capture this all year long. I pray that one day we can…but until then I will enjoy the Christmas season and the magical lights it brings.

Child eyes

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The most memorable thing that happen this past year is that my 9th grandbaby was born. Yes I am “Grammy” to nine beautiful little ones. Having them around helps me remember to see the world through a child’s eyes. Everything is so new and exciting to them. It is easy as adults to get bogged down with all the bad things going on. We can soon get such a dark cloud of feelings surrounding us that nothing makes us happy. There is beauty in the world. We just have to see things through child eyes. See how colorful a butterfly is or what a beautiful song a bird can sing. You will notice that if you start trying to find beauty it will become easier and easier to find. Soon that dark cloud is gone and we can smile again. Let’s all start having child eyes.

Looking back on my blog

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It is that time of year when we all start looking back on the year that is just about to end and look forward to the new one. I have learned different things about blogging this year. I started out with that new found energy that comes with the beginning of a year. Then about half way through other things started to take over and my blogging took a back seat.
I found myself reading many articles about blogging. Things that I should be doing or not doing. While learning about blogging I started to doubt myself. The articles are great for ideas but what I needed to remember is what works for some may not work for me. My brain started to get into over load. Writing was starting to become a task for me. What should I write about? What should my niche be? I had to step back, take a deep breathe and just start writing for myself again. Once I did this, I started to enjoy blogging again.
So when thinking about next year and where you want to take your blogging, just remember find things that work for you. Write because you enjoy it and let the words flow!!!!

Don’t let evil win

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Don’t let evil win!!!

Just want to jot a short note down to talk about not letting evil win. With all that is going on in the world it is easy to want to shut and lock all our doors and not go outside, let alone let our kids out. If we do that though I feel evil wins. We need to live each day like the gift that it is. We need to let our kids experience life. Now that is not to say you should not be aware of your surroundings at all times, but continue to live life to the fullest.

Go out and enjoy the good in this world!!!

Still learning

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I feel I will always be learning different aspects of blogging and running my own website. It has been just a little over a year that I started this. I have learned quite a bit. I will be sharing what I have learn in upcoming posts. These are some things that I really didn’t know about until I dove into this wonderful thing called blogging.
Using Pinterest to the fullest extent, programs such as Buffer and Boardbooster, affiliate links and creating images with Canva.
I look forward to sharing what I have found out about these.

Keep on learning!!!

The low wave

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The low wave. If you are a motorcycle rider, you know what that is. If not let me explain. There seems to be an unwritten rule that if you ride a motorcycle you are to do the low wave to any other rider you pass. My dad did this. I would be riding behind him and when we would pass another rider, my dad would put his hand down and wave. It was always given back. It seems to bring all these riders together. They are all on the same page just for that moment.

We all need the low wave in our life. We are all on this world just trying to do the best for our family and ourselves. We are all on the same page. Let’s help each other through this journey we call life and give out many “low waves”.

Not a dream, a plan

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Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan. When you set your goals in life, we have a tendency to call them dreams. “My dream home”, “My dream job”, “My dream car”. We can “dream” all we want but if we don’t work towards those “dreams” we will never reach them. Plan to get that home, job or car. You can do it. It may not be right away but if you set a plan in motion, do the work that you need to do to achieve them, you will. Next time call it “The home I plan to buy”, “The job I plan to get”, “The car I plan to buy”. Not a dream, a Plan!!!!

Every Flower Makes the Bouquet

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Every flower makes the bouquet. Can you imagine this bouquet without the tiny little white flowers? There would be empty spaces that would take away from the beauty of it. Life is like that. We may not be the main “flower” but we are important in this world. Sometimes it is easy to feel defeated when you look around and see all the “important” people. They can make us feel small and not important. Stop and imagine the situation you are in and what it would be like without you. It would have empty spaces and it would not be as beautiful or important as it is right now. This “bouquet” we call life needs you in it!!!!

Feel God

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Where you feel God is your church. You don’t have to go into a building on a Sunday to feel God. My mom would tell me that her best moments with God were when she would sit on a mountain and pray. God made nature for us to use to glorify Him. What a better way then to have “church” amidst that nature!!!

Be Still

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Be still. That is very hard to do in these days. There is so much “noise” and “activity” going on in the world today. It is very easy to get caught up in the swirl of it all. Soon we feel so drained and defeated that we lash out in many ways. Maybe to our families, friends or at work.  We all need to find a time to be still. Maybe it is in the early morning or late at night. God is always there.  You just need to be still and know Him, pray to Him and most importantly listen to Him.  You will be amazed of how calm you can become when you do this. So at some point today, take time and be still.