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These are inspirational pictures and posters that will motivate you, support you and just make you feel good about yourself.

Fall is upon us

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Fall is upon us. We break out the soft cuddly blankets and sweaters. We buy anything that has the word “pumpkin spice” in it. We don’t know why but we have the desire to stay at home a little more. Fall is a family time. It is a time to reflect on where we came from. Remember the path that lead you here, to this time in your life right now. Go back down that path and think of those who have truly inspired you to become who you are. Contact them and tell them that you are thankful that they were there when you were going down life’s road.

2 outcomes: succeed or learn

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There are 2 outcomes when you do something, you either succeed or you learn. It is so easy to say “you win your lose”, “you succeed or you fail”. There is better to say this you either “reach your goal” or “you learned”. Failure is such a diminishing word. I have learned that when I have failed something, I learned from it. This concept helped me to continue forward to the goal I am striving for. The next time you come up short on a project or goal don’t say you “failed”, say “you learned.”

Where God guides, God provides

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Where God guides, God provides. Watch a bird today. It doesn’t hesitate when it takes off to fly. It just spreads it’s wings and takes the leap.  We should follow the example of the bird. Seek God’s will for your life. Don’t hesitate or be afraid. Take the leap, because when God guides you to go somewhere or do something, He will provide what you need for the journey or situation.  Be the bird, spread your wings and fly.


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Kindness can spread quickly. When one act of kindness is done, it has the tendency to create another. Kindness doesn’t have to be a big gesture. It can be as simple as holding the door for someone. Let’s spread kindness through our family, work and community and watch it grow.

Stand strong

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Even when dark clouds are circling stand strong. Your faith is what makes you be able to stand in the middle of dark times. These clouds will pass, you just need to be strong and know that you will get through these cloudy times and that you will come out stronger on the other side. Stand strong in your faith today.