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Just listen

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Just listen. When someone talks to you today, take a moment to truly listen to them. We sometimes have a tendency to bring the conversation around to being about us, or we just nod in agreement while thinking about other things. Listening is an art and we need to constantly work on it. Work on your art today.

Spread your smiles around

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Smiles are seeds that need to be spread around. Like the dandelion every morning we start with a full load of them. Through out the day we need to spread them around. A smile can change someone’s day or even life. You don’t know what every person you meet is going through. They may just need a smile from you to get through the day. Your challenge today is to spread your smile around!!!

Walk the walk

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Recently I met a person who at first impressed me. They were telling me all the different projects they have thought of in the past and the ones they are currently thinking of doing. I thought to myself that this was so great to see someone taking charge and doing things they love to do.

As time has gone on however, I have found that this person was pretty much all talk and no action. They know what goals they they have set in their life and how to achieve them but there is no action to obtain those goals.

This got me to thinking about the saying “walking the walk”. We can talk about our goals all we want. We can also plan on how we are going to achieve those goals but if we don’t put action to those ideas, or in other words “walk the walk” they are just empty ideas, empty goals.

I hope you go out and plan those goals, tell people about them but make sure you follow through and put some action into them!!!

“Talking the talk” is fine but you have to “walk the walk” to get things done!

Will you be still today?

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Everyday is it important that we take a minute to be still and soak in the beauty that surrounds us. We can get so busy in our daily work and errands that we miss all that is around us. There is so much beauty in this world but we have to take the time to see it. Will you take time today to be still?