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When life gets tough

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Life has its ups and downs. We have to push through things to reach our full potential. It takes many different aspects for us to get there. Just like the flower has to push through the soil, get the right amount of water and sunlight before it can reach the beautiful bloom it was meant to be. When going through something tough…remember the flower and look forward to the “bloom” you will become.

A quiet spirit

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Today’s world can be so “noisy” with all that is going on. It is hard to hear what is actually being said. Sometimes we just need to step back and be quiet. A quiet spirit can speak volumes to others and it can help you center yourself and not get caught up in the “noise”.

How do you relax?

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What do you do to relax? How do you relax?

Everyone is so different and that shows in the ways they find to relax. Some go to the beach, others run. What I do after a stressful day on the computer finding things to blog or post about is I grab my iPad and earphones, pick up my crochet hook and whatever project I happen to be working on at that time and crochet while I stream one of my guilty pleasures (which happens to be two certain soap operas).

I find that this helps me “get away” for a few minutes and forget about any stress of the day. Now I don’t just sit for hours, just enough to stream one show because there is other stuff to like make dinner. But for that short amount of time I get re-charged to take on the rest of my evening.

Now finding time to relax is hard to do sometimes, especially if you have little ones at home, but it is so important to find just a few minutes a day to step back and take a breath. Find someone to help you with the kids for that time or have them do something fun with you like take a walk.

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of insight into my life. Please comment and let me know what you do to relax. Oh and if you want to know which soap operas I will give you a hint the initials are Y and R and GH.