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Get your ducks in a row

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This time of year everyone is thinking of goals to set for the New Year. How they want to lose weight, get that new job or maybe move into a new house.  These are all good goals to have however, you can’t just all of a sudden set a goal and reach it without working for it, planning for it, in other words getting your ducks all in a row.

You want to lose weight…perfect…how are you going to do that??? You need to set some kind of a workout schedule, change your diet habits and so on and so forth. Same with all these other goals. New job??? How is your resume? New house? What is your price range and location?

Please set goals!!!! We need goals to so we can grow but make the right plans to achieve these goals. GET YOUR DUCKS ALL IN A ROW!!!

Top 10 Favorite Christmas Songs

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What are your favorite Christmas songs? Here are my top 10:

  1. O Come All Ye Faithful
  2. Angels We Have Heard on High
  3. I’ll be Home for Christmas … (I cry everytime)
  4. Joy to the World
  5. Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
  6. Santa Baby
  7. Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time
  8. Go Tell it on the Mountain
  9. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
  10. Jingle Bells

Now tell me yours…and go….

List of 10 of my favorite “B” horror or disaster movies…What does your list look like???

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My secret obsession is with those “B” rated horror movies like  Lake Placid and those disaster movies like Twister. Here is my list of 10 my favorite B horror or disaster movies…what does your list look like??

  1. Jaws…not sure if I can really consider this a B film or not.
  2. Lake Placid 1, 2 & 3
  3. Wyvern
  4. Abominable
  5. Twister
  6. Sabretooth
  7. Earthquake…there are a few titled this
  8. Firestorm
  9. The Naked Jungle
  10. Day After Tomorrow