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Two simple steps that help me in the morning

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I am not ashamed to say that I suffer from depression. I am on a low dose medication to help it. I have found however that the medication is not the only thing I need to do to help me. I have to make sure I eat right and take care of myself. I have found two things that I do every morning that help me throughout the day…and I feel they will help others. These two ideas are very simple to do and for whatever reason help me.

The first thing is that I do not sleep in. When the alarm goes off I do not hit snooze. Even on the weekends when I don’t set an alarm when my body wakes up I get up. I have always done this. My dad suffered from depression and this step helped him so it was pretty much how my family was raised..and yes I raised my children the same way. I challenge you to try this for a week or two and see if you don’t have somewhat more energy throughout the day.

The second thing I do is I make my bed. Yes it is a simple as that. Now my husband does get up after me, but when he does I go in and make the bed. There is something about a made bed that makes me feel I am ready for the day. It is the first task on my list of things to do. I feel accomplished by doing that task. Again I challenge you to make the bed everyday for a week and see if you don’t start the day feeling organized.

Now I am not a doctor or close to it, these are just two simple things that I have found help me to feel better throughout the day. If you do something different let me know. I am curious what others do.

Thank you first responders

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I wrote the post below a year ago and it rings true especially to me today. I wanted to change the title though to “Thank you first responders”. It isn’t just the police I want to thank but the fire men and women, paramedics and EMT’s and all the divisions that are under each divisions umbrella. They are the ones who put there lives on the front line. We are seeing that is evident with all the videos coming out during that tragic night in Las Vegas.

When I was out and about the other day, I saw four children who were with their moms at a Starbucks run up to 3 policeman and tell them thank you. My heart swelled over. The smile on these officers faces were priceless and not to mention how excited the kids were to see them. I remember growing up being in awe of police and firemen. They were to be respected. I also taught that to my children. In today’s society you are seeing just the opposite. People are instilling fear of officers in their children. Has bad things happened, yes but that does not mean that these men and women who put their lives on the line for us everyday should be feared or disrespected. I know I may get some flack for this post but this is what is on my heart today. I just want to say to those men and women officers….thank you for what you do for us!!!!

Yes you can teach an old dog new tricks!!!

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I am in the prime of my life…I am not afraid to say that I just turned 55. I am a firm believer in the saying you are as old as you feel. I do admit I do have those days when I feel quite older than I am!!! I do believe however, that no matter what your age you can learn new things. I recently got into the print on demand product business. I love it. I don’t have to store the merchandise here!!! In order to do this however I had to learn some different programs such as Photoshop. That used to be a very scary word to me. I would hear people talk about it and shudder. It sound so complicated. I shook away my fears and dove into learning about it. I watched Youtube videos…that is a whole blog within itself that will be coming soon….I found some inexpensive Udemy courses and I read quite a few posts about the program. I am happy to say I am pretty comfortable with it now. I know I have just scratched the surface on what I can do with the program, but so far so good with my new business venture. It has also helped me to promote and help grow my husbands real estate business by being able to create flyers and update his website. So yes I am a good example on how you can teach an old dog new tricks!!!

Please slow down!!!

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My grandson spent the night with me last night. We had a great time. This morning I got him ready and took him to his kindergarten class. I parked my car across the street and we proceeded to go to the first cross walk. He push the button and we waited for the light to change. Even after it did change we waiting a second and looked both ways and then crossed. We then came to another cross walk. This road was a little bit busier. There was a young mother with her little one there waiting as well. When the light changed her daughter wanted to step out right away but her mom pulled her back. Just then a car who apparently thought they had enough time to get through the light sped past. The mom looked at her daughter and said “that is why we wait.” We then both crossed. Why are people in such a hurry. They think they have that split second to go ahead and try to make it through the light. This could have been a disaster. If you think you are going to be late to work please leave a few minutes early. If you think because you might be late to work so you have to try to get through that light, please be late. I am sure your boss would rather hear you say, I got caught at a red light than I can’t come in today because I hit a child in an intersection. We don’t need to try to get everywhere so fast. Believe me as you get older you will wish the days would slow down!!!

Diet Diet Diet

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Yes diet is a word that you hear everyday. The news talks about something new in your diet that is bad for you or that they have found is actually good for you. You hear people going on many different types of diets. Some sound easy, some I just shake my head no. Now that I have reached that wonderful middle age, I am finding that I think more and more about my diet. I think more about my health in general. I do need to lose weight that is a fact. How I will do it is the question. I don’t want to juice or go on some strange diet idea. They may work for others but I know my likes and stamina and really don’t want to go to that extreme. I have read quite a bit about just portions. You don’t need your plateful all the time. Just portion your foods. Watch the snacking, well that is a fun thing to say but who doesn’t love snacks!!! Well I can snack but I need to snack on something healthy like carrots. I can do that. I can eat smaller portions and I can drink more water. That is something else I have read that helps with weight lose. Now I can just do the portion thing but I have to MOVE my body. My knees don’t let me run anymore but I can sure walk. That is what I plan to do. Other little things I can do is park farther away from the store so I have to walk more, stretch more. Every time I get up I will stretch. So now that I have actually written all of this down and put it out there for many others to read it….I MUST do it. I am not ready to put my weight on here yet but I would like to lose at least 15 pounds. Now I plan on breaking that up so I don’t get discouraged. So my first goal is to lose at least 5 pounds by Thanksgiving. Now some of you may think that is such a small goal. Well it maybe but it is a goal none the less. One that I plan to smash!!!! Check back and see how I do on this journey!!!

Helpful hint #1

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I will share some helpful hints that I have for everyday life. As I think of them I will share them here. My first one is about cleaning house. There are times when I look around my house and thinking how did it get this dirty. Now when I was raising my kids, I KNEW why the house looked like it did!! Now though it is just my husband and me, so why is it so dirty??? We both are so busy with our jobs that things can tend to go undone. Things like dishes and laundry are a must of course, but I look at the bathroom and see it needs a good cleaning. I had an idea and this has worked tremendously. I keep some kind of wipes under each sink. I use the Lysol wipes but you can use which ever you want. When I am done brushing my teeth or done getting ready for the day, I just grab a wipe and wipe down the counter. I also use the Windex wipes so I can wipe down the mirror. Now I don’t do this everyday just a couple times a week. It is amazing how easy it is to keep the bathroom clean. I also do this in the kitchen after the dishes are done or when dinner is done and put away. It doesn’t take any time at all to do this. I am not hunting for something to clean the sink with. Usually when I have to go get something to use I get side tracked and then it doesn’t get done. I hope maybe this post helped you a little. Leave me a comment and tell me some hints that you have.

Guest bloggers invite

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Yes I am looking for guest bloggers to share a post on my site. If you are interested please contact me through my site. Let me know what your blog is about. I am not a niche oriented site. I write just about anything. I am look for inspiration as well. Some days I know just what I want to write about and then others….. just that is what my mind does. I know that politics are a hot topic right now but I feel people are on over load and really don’t want to read another post about who they should or should not vote for. So again if you would like to be a guest blogger on my site, get in touch with me. I look forward to hearing from you!!!


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I really don’t like to get political on any of my social media sites. Mainly because it is a free country and you can vote for who ever you want. This post isn’t about a certain candidate or is about our right to vote. There are many young men and women who put their lives on the line for this right. We can support our country by voting. I hear the saying that if you don’t vote then you don’t have the right to complain. Well, I do agree with this. If you did not exercise your freedom to vote then you are one of the countries problem (IMHO). I know this election is tough, the candidates are going after each other more than what they plan to do for our future. But dig deep, find facts (remember not everything you read is true). You can’t just read one article and be satisfied. Read as much as you can. Now I am a spiritual person so my next step is to pray. This may not be for you, but for me, sometimes it is all I can do. So please educate yourself to the best of your ability and go out to the polls and vote!!!

Online presence

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I am reading anything I can get a hold of to learn how to grow my online presence. Currently I am focusing on Pinterest. I have always enjoyed Pinterest. I have looked up recipes and organization tips. Now I am seeing it as a way to get my product in front of customers. I am gaining followers but not seeing the follow through to my products. I am trying to promotions they are offering now. I will see how this goes. This was just a quick update on how this new venture is going. I will keep you updated on how the promotions on Pinterest goes.